• Eligibility – Anyone who is a member of British Orienteering by the final races in the league. So foreign athletes and / or members of / entering under foreign clubs can still gain points if they are members of British Orienteering. Conversely those who are British and / or members of / entering under British clubs cannot gain points if they are not also members of British Orienteering.
  • Top 50 get points (60, 55, 51, 48, 46, 45, 44…. 3, 2, 1).
  • There are separate standings for M/W18, M/W20, M/W21, M/WU23 categories in the Senior league (for those having their 23rd or earlier birthday this year).
  • 2017 Seniors: Best 4 from first 6 races to count, plus final Scottish long race
  • 2017 Juniors: Best 5 from first 8 races to count, plus final Scottish long race
  • 2018 Seniors & Juniors: Best 4 from first 7 races to count, plus final British long race
  • Maximum 3 scores from any one discipline (long, middle, sprint)
  • At least 1 sprint, 1 middle and 1 long score to count; else count a zero if not scored in any of those disciplines (does not apply to 2017 Seniors as there is only one sprint race available)
  • Points awarded only on appropriate elite class if offered, else long class
  • Athletes can gain points by running “up” or by running on the same course as a higher class. E.g. if M18/M20/M21 all run the same course (e.g. JK sprint), then 18s gain points in the 20s class, and all of 18s, 20s, 35s, 40s etc. gain points in the senior class.
  • Similarly women may gain points if they run the same course as their equivalent or higher men’s class.
  • In a given race if tied on time then points for the tied place are awarded to both competitors for that. E.g. if there is a tie for 1st, they both get 60 points, and the next runner gets 51.
  • For events with heats and separate finals (e.g. British Sprints), points are awarded first to all finishers in the A final, then all finishers in the B final, then all finishers in the C final etc.