The UK Elite Orienteering League uses the existing UK Cup and Future Champions Cup trophies. Donations welcomed towards U23 trophies.

Cash Prize Fund

Podium athletes receive are rewarded with money from our cash prize fund. The the amount depends on the size of the prize fund accummulated.

£500 would be distributed as follows. Seniors: 1st £50, 2nd £35, 3rd £20; Juniors: £30, £20, £10; U23: 1st £25.

If you support our aspiration of making orienteering cool again and growing the sport please visit the Supporters page.


We are currently recruiting sponsors for 2020 but have already signed-up Podium Catering as food sponsor. At races where they are in attendance winners will receive a £5 voucher.

If you are an organisation looking to further your brand with a progressive adventurous image please get in touch to discuss partnerships.


Smart SILVA duffle bags will be awared to series winners.

Cash prizes depend on the size of the prize fund. £500 would be distributed as follows;

Seniors: 1st £50, 2nd £35, 3rd £20; Juniors: £30, £20, £10; U23: 1st £25.


We are currently looking for donors and sponsors for the 2018 prize fund and are aiming to top the £600 raised last year.


Generous sponsorship from Deeside Orienteering and Leisure Maps and ggmaps continued into 2017. Individuals have also contributed to the prize fund; Paul Street, Duncan Birtwistle and anonymous donors.

The £600 prize fund was distributed as follows:

  • Seniors: 1st-5th – £50, £35, £20, £15, £10.
  • MWU23: 1st-3rd – £25, £15, £10.
  • MW18&20: 1st-3rd – £30, £20, £10.


The 2015 league was sponsored by Deeside Orienteering and Leisure Maps, ggmaps and private individuals.

A new U23 class was also introduced


The 2015 league was supported by:

  • Silva who provided Silva 35L Duffel bags (RRP £69.99) for the top 6 in each senior class (M/W21) and top 3 in each junior class (M/W18 and M/W20).
  • Several generous sponsors who donated prize funds including Deeside Orienteering and Leisure maps, ggmaps, and others.  £2000 was distributed in 2015.
  • sportscotland who provided generous support for the final Bannockburn and Schiehallion weekend of races.