With the season on hold we have had chance to get prepared for races in the future.

In response to feedback we have worked with the British Orienteering Map Advisory Group to create a new symbol to make competitors aware of where filming may be taking place on the course.

We are pleased to release the specs of the new 714 GoPro Zone symbol which is now included in the symbol sets on the British Orienteering website.

You can look forward to seeing the symbol debut at Midland Sprint Meet later this year (if orienteering restarts...)

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From zero to mapping hero in 10 steps.

Follow these instructions to get a georeferenced background map of your chosen area into OpenOrienteering Mapper.

There are instructions on how to use OpenOrienteering Mapper on their website.

We’ll put some tips and tricks videos up soon. The key shortcuts are:

F6 - Grab map
F7 - Zoom in
F8 - Zoom out
Shift - Snap to existing object
Ctrl - Make 90-degree bend
F10 - Hide background map

You may want to adjust the opacity of the map in the Template set-up window in the bottom right corner.

We recommend doing building outlines first, fill them in, then property edges and curbs, fill the open areas then fill the roads.

Big thanks to Ben Mitchell for these instructions which are on the 2020 page of our website in a more detailed Word doc format.

Only students have access to Edina Digimap...

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With the season off we need to find something else to do.

We want to help you develop your skills, support your mates’ training and give back to the sport.

Thanks to hero Ben Mitchell we’ve put together a short guide to get you set-up. So short it fits into the next Instagram post.

Follow the instructions, have a play and we’ll get some tips and shortcuts out soon.

We know there are loads of prime areas out there aching to be mapped. We’d love to see your efforts.

Send us your best 300 x 300m square, we’ll put together a judging panel, make up some categories and dish out some prizes.

#orienteering #alternativeseason #maps #mapping

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Well the whole of the calendar has disappeared, but we’re not cancelling, just postponing now. We’ll see what happens and find a way through.

We see this as an opportunity to get some things sorted. We’ve got some ideas to keep you entertained. Stay tuned.

Thank you to all organisers and volunteers of cancelled events for all your preparation for what was set to be a great season.

Well done to current leaders after rounds 1 and 2: Alastair Thomas, Niamh Hunter, Ellie Bales, Matthew Gooch and Rachel Brown.

Stay safe out there, or in there 🏠

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Action from the sharp end of the opening round of the 2020 Elite League in Johnshaven. Sound on.

#eliteoleague #orienteering #gopro

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