4 months ago

UK Elite Orienteering League

🏁 The 2019 UK Elite Orienteering League wrapped up earlier this month after 12 rounds of serious racing.

🤝 Congratulations to all winners and well done to everyone who took part.

📈 Check out the final standings at

M21: Will Gardner, Alasdair McLeod, Peter Bray
W21: Megan Carter-Davies, Cecilie Andersen, Sarah Jones (all U23)
MU23: Ali Masson, Alex Carcas, Alistair Thornton
W20: Grace Molloy, Fiona Bunn, Niamh Hunter
M20: Alastair Thomas, Freddie Carcas, Finlay Todd
W18: Lizzie Stansfield, Megan Keith, Evie Conway
M18: Peter Molloy, Matthew Gooch, Stanley Heap

🏆 Trophies were presented at the British Relay Champions and we are just sorting out prizes and prize-money thanks to SILVA Global and generous individuals 🙏

📷 Podium finishers can be seen in the photos courtesy of Steve Rush, Scott Bailey, Rob Lines and Wendy Carlyle.
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5 months ago

UK Elite Orienteering League

Congrats to all racing at the British Long Distance Orienteering Championships on Kilnsey and Arncliffe today.

Results, podium pictures and Men’s map attached.

Thanks to Rona Lindsay and Jonny Malley for the photos.
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0️⃣ days to go. The UK Elite Orienteering League Final is here.

Competitors have battled for points over 11 rounds across the country. Today's British Orienteering Championships 2019 are athletes last chance to improve their positions or defend what they’ve got. Lots is at stake on the moors of Kilnsey & Arncliffe.

The weather will be fairer than last time but the terrain more technical. Historic leadworkings enhance masses of fine contour detail on steep slopes - challenging navigation at speed. Speed itself will be challenged by limestone pavement underfoot.

This all lends itself to exciting racing with a few big name seniors on the startlist we haven’t seen much of this season: Scott Fraser, Alexander Chepelin, Hollie Orr could cause some upset.

⚠️ We’ve updated the scoring at so people’s current scores are locked in and points scored tomorrow are added on top. This means you know exactly what you need to do for the result you want. It also means some previously excluded long results are now counting and a slight shuffling of positions, apologies for the changes.

Fans can find seeded startlist here ➡️

We’ve gone for a Favorite / Decent Bet / Long Shot approach on the predictions this time to spice things up:

W21 Megan Carter-Davies / Cecilie Andersen / Grace Molloy
M21 Scott Fraser / Will Gardner / Duncan Coombs
W20 Fiona Bunn / Laura King / Niamh Hunter
M20 Alastair Thomas / Finlay Todd / Freddie Carcas
W18 Eilidh Campbell / Evie Conway / Alice Wilson
M18 Matthew Gooch / Peter Molloy / David Bunn

Smash it everyone!
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Fantastic weather, great courses, competitive racing and a bit of drama - what more do you want from a JK!?

We hope you are mostly recovered and ready for more hard racing at 10MILA or the British Orienteering Championships 2019. Thank you to South Central Orienteering Association for staging the event and SILVA Global for providing prizes.

We’ve fed the results into the computer and updated the scoring on the website ➡️ Check out who’s 📈 who’s 📉 and what you need to do going into the British.

These are the current top-3s:

W18: Eilidh Campbell, Megan Keith, Lizzie Stansfield
M18: Peter Molloy, Matthew Gooch, Flurry Grierson

W20: Grace Molloy, Laura King, Eilidh Campbell
M20: Alastair Thomas, Freddie Carcas, Finlay Todd

Women: Megan Carter-Davies, Cecilie Andersen, Sarah Jones
Men: William Gardner, Alasdair McLeod, Ben Mitchell

WU23: Megan Carter-Davies, Cecilie Andersen, Sarah Jones
MU23: Alex Carcas, Alistair Masson, Alistair Thornton

We’ll update if there are any changes in the final results, provisionals are now at

Routegadget is up and has a link to Splitsbrowser and splits if you double-click on your name in the results list. Please upload your lines to Routegadget once unlocked as an analysis video might be coming soon.


🙏 Thank you so much for the generous donations to the cash prize fund we received over the weekend - beating our £500 target which will be distributed at the end of the series to podium finishers alongside SILVA bags to winners.

We are very grateful for your support which helps keep competitors keen and the series rolling. If you like what we’re doing and haven’t donated yet there’s still time. But you need to be quick. Head to and complete the simple online form.

9️⃣ days to go until the Final.
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5 months ago

UK Elite Orienteering League

Captioned photos from the biggest event of the domestic season. ... See MoreSee Less

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