15/16th May 2021 – UK Elite League Rounds 1 & 2

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The team behind Lakes Reloaded and Lakeland Warrior bring you another weekend of quality orienteering in the Cartmel area of the Lake District.

A long middle on Saturday 15th at Witherslack, unused since Euromeeting 1997, precedes a short chasing classic on Simpson Ground above Windermere on Sunday 16th. With no travel restrictions in any country these races will score in the 2021 UK Elite League.

Thank you to Martin Bagness, Warrior and South Ribble for organising and arranging permissions.

Day 1 – Witherslack

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Courses Middle+ (40 mins). W21E 5.1 km M21E 5.9k

Terrain A unique mix of limestone woodland and the more
usual knolly / marshy Lakes terrain. The courses will transport
you from Slovenia to Finland and back, several times over.
No large hills but rough / stony / thorny in places. Long
sleeves recommended. Last used Euromeeting 1997.

Old map (1996)

Day 2 – Simpson Ground

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Format Chasing start from 11.00, based on Saturday times, with loops. You will be called-up at about -2 and then enter a taped corridor where you should stay in order at 2 m spacing. Cut-off for chasing start will be approx. 20 minutes, after that two starters per minute per start location.

Courses Women 4 loops total 7.3km, Men 4 loops total 8.7km. Final loop is longer. Winning time 60 minutes. Run in order given, e.g ABCD, final loop on reverse side. The controls on each loop are numbered 1,2,3 etc, ie numbering reverts back to 1 at the start of each loop. There will be a control at the end of loops ABC, at the run-through point, which must be punched each time, except when you finish.

Terrain Knolly / marshy plantation. Mostly fast but open
marshes tussocky. No big hills. Windblow – green stripes or
solid green. Parts of area not used in recent years.

Old map (2016)