15/16th May 2021 – UK Elite League Rounds 1 & 2

The team behind Lakes Reloaded and Lakeland Warrior bring you another weekend of quality orienteering in the Cartmel area of the Lake District.

A long middle on Saturday 15th at Witherslack, unused since Euromeeting 1997, precedes a short chasing classic on Simpson Ground above Windermere on Sunday 16th. With no travel restrictions in any country these races will score in the 2021 UK Elite League.

Thank you to Martin Bagness, Warrior and South Ribble for organising and arranging permissions.

Coaches / parents / travelling companions Can you
help? Subject to space you will be able to have a run. Please email martinbagness@aol.com.

£12 senior, £6 junior/student entry on SiEntries Day 1 Day 2

Provisional details below Please check again closer to the time.

Common Information

All competitors must follow British Orienteering’s Participant
Code of Conduct.

Fitness to Attend Competitors must not attend the event if
any of the following apply:

  1. They or someone in their household have displayed
    symptoms of Covid-19 in the past 14 days
  2. They or someone in their household has been tested
    positive for Covid-19 in the past 14 days
  3. The test and trace service has asked them to self-isolate
    at the present time
  4. A medical professional has advised or asked them to
    self-isolate in the past 14 days.

Coronavirus precautions – We have taken measures to
enable everyone to follow British Orienteering rules and
guidelines. We will not be policing every situation and it is up
to everyone to take individual responsibility. Social distancing
must be observed everywhere. Start lists, old maps, results –
several copies will be displayed, widely spaced – you must
take turns to peruse them, and not crowd round. Space yourselves
appropriately while waiting to start / download.

Punching SportIdent (probably Air)

Map bags All maps on pretext paper, bring an A4 map
case if its wet and muddy.

First aid at the finishes but please DIY if at all possible, to
avoid unnecessary contact.Companions will be asked to take
injured people to hospital if needed. Competitors take part at
their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

Local Accident and Emergency – Westmorland General Hospital
(01539 732288) Burton Road, Kendal, LA9 7RG.

Planner/Organiser Martin Bagness. Helpers – TBA

Training Before or after – contact
martinbagness@aol.com for maps / ideas.

Day 1 – Witherslack

Courses Middle+ (40 mins). W21E 5.1 km M21E 5.9k

Terrain A unique mix of limestone woodland and the more
usual knolly / marshy Lakes terrain. The courses will transport
you from Slovenia to Finland and back, several times over.
No large hills but rough / stony / thorny in places. Long
sleeves recommended. Last used Euromeeting 1997.

Old map (1996)

Parking TBA – either in field at SD436860 signed S of
Witherslack School, or if this cannot be organised, on old
road section of A590, 3km S at SD442830 (runners can be
dropped near assembly, drivers jog / cycle).

Assembly, start, finish, download Within 800m of field

Start times 12.30 – 13.30. M/W alternate minutes.
Travelling companions 12.15 – 12.30.

Map 1:7,500. Full lidar re-map 2021. Laser-printed. 
Black x = branch hide (both days).

Road Crossing You will cross and possibly run along an
unfenced minor road in low-vis forest at some point – stop
and look first – don’t burst out of the trees at full pelt!

Horse Riders Common on road and bridleways. There is a
riding school on the area. Please be very considerate and try not
to cause a stampede. Give a wide berth.

Day 2 – Simpson Ground

*Awaiting Forestry Commission consent*

Courses Women 3 loops total 7.1km, Men 4 loops total
8.7km. Final loop is longer. Winning time 60 minutes.

Terrain Knolly / marshy plantation. Mostly fast but open
marshes tussocky. No big hills. Windblow – green stripes or
solid green. Parts of area not used in recent years.

Old map (2016)

Parking TBA – probably Forestry Commission carpark on
lane at SD389877. Also large laybys along lane.

Assembly / Start / Finish –15 min jog from parking.

Format Chasing start from 11.00, based on Sat times, with

Map notes 1:7,500. Full lidar re-map 2021. Laser-
printed. Each loop will be a separate map but on the same
sheet of paper. Run in order given, ABCD etc, final loop on
reverse side.